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UNS-SACCO Uganda was registered under the Uganda laws governing SACCOs and started serving the UN Employees of Uganda in November 2009 to address the challenges faced by the UN staff in accessing affordable and manageable credit facilities.

During the monthly operations Management Team (OMT) Meeting in April 2007, The OMT recognized the problem facing local staff in accessing loans from banks due to the terms and conditions set by banks. Most banks charge high interest rates leaving staff with limited savings and also banks require a letter of under taking from employers before extending credit facilities. In some cases, UN agencies are reluctant to issue these letters because they have provisions that are likely to commit management in case a staff member does not honor his/her obligation. UN like international staff, national staff members do not have access to UNFCU loans. OMT established an Ad-Hoc committee comprising representatives from agency staff association to explore the possibility of coming up with feasible solution.

It is from this back ground that the UNITED NATIONS STAFF SAVINGS AND CREDIT COOPERATIVE ORGANISATION-UGANDA (UNS-SACCO, Ug) was registered in Uganda 10/08/2009 under the Cooperative act to serve UN staff and their families. UNDP Staff association is highly recognized for promoting the formation of the UNS-SACCO Uganda and now the activities of the UNDP staff association activities are now handled by UNS-SACCO-Uganda but however UNS-SACCO Management is in arrangement with other staff associations to do the same. A launch was made on 08/10/2009 at hotel African in a color full ceremony where by all the UN agencies were fully represented.

Vision: To be a leading SACCO promoting member prosperity for generations.

Mission: To mobilize resources and provide affordable financial services to members.

Core Values: Accountability,Customer Focus,Transparency,Professionalism,Integrity,Commitment,Team work.

Registration: 07.10.2009 Registered in The Republic of Uganda at Registrar of Co-operative Societies.
Registration No: 9020/RCS


Under the general principles of financial safety and soundness, the purpose of the Savings and Credit Cooperative Society is to provide its members with the following:

· Offer members savings and credit services and other financial products as may be required by members from time to time.

· Provide members with credit facilities for purposes of development through acquisition of assets.

· Provide an opportunity for members to improve their respective economic, social and financial conditions.

· Encourage and develop a savings culture among members so as to develop a wide capital base for accessing external sources of funds at fair and reasonable interest rates as a result of enhanced bargaining power.

· Offer savings, deposits and related services earning competitive rates of interest while minimising financial risks on such savings. Provide loan services at cost allowing the Society to cover its costs including legal reserves, reserves for loans and other required reserves.

· Minimise the risk of loan defaulters through efficient and effective loan recovery mechanisms.

· Acilitate members to set up development and/or investment projects through continuous training programmes on the proper use of credit.

· Professionally manage the SACCO to ensure operational and financial sustainability.

· Any other necessary and legally-authorised and economically-feasible financial services demanded by its members.

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